Public Speaking

PRESENTATION SKILLS ARE THE KEY TO WINNING PROJECTS.   Are you using the right language style? The “likeability” factor?

LLA, Inc works with individuals and/or groups to

  • improve speaking, presentation and briefings communication skills
  • giving talks as a marketing tool
  • creating your own seminars and workshops to increase business
  • become the “go to” expert in your community
  • improve your writing skills
  • how to use PPT (“Death by Powerpoint”) effectively- using one of your PPT presentations
  • new rules for email communications – how to avoid the “delete” button
  • improve your phone voice and communications – how to “listen” via phone!
  • make your bios and brochures authentic
  • and much more…

Call Laraine at 512 784-3657 or email her at OR  for an interview to discuss these issues or to customize a program for you or your firm.

Timeframe: Minimum time:  a lunch break!  1 – 2 hours.   Absolute confidentiality!

Fees: start at $250

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