Consulting and Workshops

Workshop 1: targeted “networks”

Workshop 2. targeted philanthropy


Workshop 1. new insights into proposals (1 1/2 hours)

  • your research
  • your information
  • your insights and observations
  • advice and action plan

Call us for a meeting to help with a current networking strategies

512-784-3657 phone or text or email

Workshop 2. Corporate Philanthropy/Community Outreach – Culture mapping  1 1/2 hours

Evaluate your financial giving profile.  Are goals for your business and the work of the agencies/charities are being met.  Consolidate into themes or areas of concern.  What do your employees want – what are they involved in?  Don’t be scattered – analysis and planning can be your guide.  We can help with this.


Think and Link cross marketing your business

FEES: call for free initial consultation  512 784-3656  ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY

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