Art and poetry can open up new ideas for leadership engagement and empowerment for company executive teams and staff development.

For over 15 years Laraine Lasdon has worked with students, faculty, corporations, and the public, who visit museums to attend their tours, music events and poetry/literature events. Most of the people visiting are skeptical of how art and writing unlock ideas they did not even know they had – all while participating in the activity of looking and writing relevant to their own businesses or interests.

These two new books of poetry by Laraine Lasdon were created to help executives and their staff to access new ways of thinking

Pine Tree on Silk and a Yellow Linen Chair

by Laraine Kentridge Lasdon

A poetry collection inspired by the music of words and the magic of storytelling.

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A Pineapple and an Old Yellow Curtain

by Laraine Kentridge Lasdon

A collection of contemporary poems.

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LLA, Inc provides hour long interactive sessions to share these strategies with her clients. She can also arrange visits to two Austin Museums as on-site visits for your team, students and/or staff development. (Some of these visits may have costs associated with them – others are Free)

To learn more, contact Laraine for Fees and a no charge visit. These Sessions are in person. Customized for your business and goals.